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Precision Modular Boring Systems for CNC Machining

As a manufacturer of machine tool accessories for over 75 years, Criterion boring systems set the standard for precision boring. Choose from our comprehensive line of boring heads, boring bars, boring tools, boring shanks and boring adapters. Each product in the Criterion machine tool accessories line is readily adaptable to many machines.

Criterion’s CNC boring heads are designed for maximum rigidity, assuring a smoother, more accurately bored hole.The generous bearing surface of Criterion boring heads makes heavy roughing cuts and very accurate finishing cuts possible. In addition, the large adjustment range of Criterion boring systems often eliminates offset bars and special set-ups. Since the graduations are widely spaced and easy to read, adjustments of 0.0005” or less are easily made.

Criterion precision boring products offer our customers the highest quality and performance boring systems available. All boring systems products are manufactured from premium alloy steels by skilled craftsmen dedicated to providing uncompromising quality. And employing the latest manufacturing technology, and remaining committed to excellence.

Choose from the following precision modular boring system products to meet your shop’s requirements:

CBER Boring System

  • The CBER Boring System fits standard ER collet holders—allowing precision boring where it was previously impossible
  • CBER is the only precision boring system for live tooling applications—eliminating the need for secondary operations
  • Special boring tool holders are not required—resulting in cost savings

Modular Boring System

  • Criterion offer s a complete modular boring system for rough boring and finish boring applications
  • Criterion ‘s boring heads cover a large boring range so fewer heads are required
  • Micro-Adjustable models are available when extreme precision is required
This video, filmed onsite at Products Engineering Corporation, demonstrates how PEC uses Criterion's Modular Boring Systems to reduce production time on their combination square with a boring and OD turning operation
  • Finish Boring Systems
  • Rough Boring Systems
  • General Boring Systems
  • Boring Tool Holders
  • Extensions & Reducers


Boring Bars

  • Criterion offers the largest variety of boring bars available
  • All Criterion boring bars use ANSI/ISO standard inserts
  • Steel, Heavy Metal and Solid Carbide shanks are available

Boring Tools

  • Criterion boring tools are designed with the cutting edge on centerline for optimum cutting performance
  • The cutting edge is concentric to the shank—minimizing boring head offset
  • Solid Carbide
  • Brazed Carbide

Adjustable Boring Bars

  • Criterion ‘s adjustable boring bars are well suited for applications where reach is a problem
  • The square shank version is designed for use in side-lock end mill holders
  • The round shank version is designed for use in any colleting system
  • Cri-Bar
  • MD Bars

Carbide Inserts

  • Criterion’s carbide inserts have been selected because of their excellent performance in boring applications.
  • All carbide inserts are manufactured to ANSI/ISO tolerances (or better)

Boring & Facing Head

  • This versatile tool has the capability to bore, face, counter bore, spotface and OD turn
Special Applications
  • Criterion’s technical staff has over 100 years of experience in precision hole making. If standard modular boring tools do not provide you with the solution you need, our staff will work with you to provide an optimal solution.

With over 75 years experience in manufacturing machine tool accessories, and the widest range of products for precision hole making, clearly Criterion is the right choice. Contact us today and begin improving the productivity in your boring operations.

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