Review of the Samsung KS9000 4k Smart LED TV

Review of the Samsung KS9000 4k Smart LED TV

The Samsung KS9000 4k TV is a flat television without a 3D feature, unlike earlier models. Samsung has long been a master of visual magic. However, this TV does not improve on most of the features of its predecessors. One of the new updated features is the Smart TV.

All in all, you should expect the following features from the Samsung KS9000:

Powerful Lighting

This TV is among the brightest LEDs when compared to other models. It makes its contrast stand out due to peak whites. It also has deep black levels and can get brighter than OLED televisions.

This TV further has edge dimming which is an improvement of the Micro Dimming. It is very clear-cut on colour, contract and level of details. Depending on how you set it, it can darken the screen and not contrast the images as required.

Support for High Dynamic Range

This TV has HDR function that extends the luminosity of pictures. It varies the contrast with the brightness and prolongs the view of a pixel. It further enhances contract in different areas. The brighter areas are presented more clearly, making them distinct from the dark areas. It even has clear shadow definition.

Poor Side Angle Viewing

The KS9000, just like other models, experiences the challenges of fading colour or black level from the centre. Side-angle viewing is therefore not as good as a straight-angle view. Similarly, black color is clear from a straight view.


Refining and Converting Signals

The Samsung KS9000 scrutinizes the incoming signal and helps reduce noise. It also increases the low resolutions signals. This TV therefore has built-in conversion technology and stellar upscaling. It improves the details to provide much better pictures.

Wider Colour and Picture Quality

Samsung KS9000 uses a new color scheme with a wider spectrum. The huge range is as a result of the Quantum Dot film that improves and disperses light. The colour is therefore cleaner and more refined that in other 4k TVs.

In addition, it has a brighter backlight which is responsible for deeper blacks. It subsequently has advanced picture quality aspects.

This TV particularly benefits from the Quantum Dot Color. This technology is a stack of ultra-thin film in between the LCD and the front glass. The TV therefore has better and more disbursed colors. The color is more defined for the greens and yellows. It is an improvement of about 5 to 10 percent.


This TV has predefined picture modes which are Standard, Movie, Game and Vivid. The Game mode experiences less motion lag.

Furthermore, this TV has a prompt response time and keeps track of where users are in a program. It is also refurbished and improved for an intuitive user interface. It is therefore a strong and has a smooth interface.

Moreover, its touchpad remote control is lightweight and easy to use. Although the remote is small and with limited functionality, it easily works through point and click.

Audio Excellence

If there is one thing that has completely been revamped, it is this TV’s sound quality. It has a 60 watts audio output with each speaker contributing about 20 watts and the two subs contribute 10 watts each. You should therefore expect a full and better sound system.


This TV is tremendously shiny, and its silver frame is appealing. It is flat and about 1.6 inches thick. It also comes with one connect box to help you organize your cables. In addition, it allows room for remodeling without dismantling the whole TV.


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How robots are taking over the machining of metal

advancements-in-technology-helping-providers-stay-connected-_1225_553983_0_14096007_300Technological advancements are present all around us, and in recent years it seems as though the speed at which new things are being introduced is faster than ever. In just a couple of years things come and become popular, just to be replaced as easily by something new and better. Of course, to paraphrase the old saying – nothing is so sacred that it cannot be replaced by something better, and this phenomenon is clearly visible in today’s fast way of living and technological progression. Industry is especially affected by this “fever” about robotics and programming, and more and more machines are taking over the human jobs and now they do the work that was once perhaps performed by several human workers.


Metal industry is one such area, and even though the situation is still not on the level that we can see in Sci-Fi movies, it is still present enough to make everyone realize that machines can be very beneficial and that they certainly have multiple advantages over human work force, in certain areas at least. When it comes to machining metal, machines are better and therefore required in situations when human eye and other human senses are just not capable to discern small measurements and when extreme precision is necessary. Humans can do some of those tasks, but even if they can, they usually can do it only once or twice, or couple of times at the most, while a computer-programmed tool can perform thousands of repetitive operations on machining metal.

            The most popular of those machines and those systems is called CNC, which some from computer numerical control, and this process is not solely present in machining metal since it can be used in almost all branches of industrial production. These machines have several advantages over human workers, and as mentioned above – they offer better precision and the power to repeat the action indefinitely. They only require programming and small adjustments to begin the process, and once they are calibrated, CNC machines can do tons of work all on their own.

cnc2However, since machining is usually reserved for custom tools and perhaps prototypes, and not for massive production, CNC machines are perhaps not necessary in all workshops. Smaller business use different machines, and there are various types of machines out there and they can be used for various purposes. Whether you need to perform the conventional metal machining, by removing small chips of material from the work piece with the help of sharp tools, or you use non-conventional methods, with the help from chemical or thermal reactors, it is possible to find a machine that will help you greatly and it will surely pay off in the long run.

Robotic arms and robots are present in every production area, and in machining they are efficient and can be used with modern machining techniques, such as laser cutting, water jet cutting or electrical discharge machining (EDM). No matter the surface or the precision that is required, these machines will do the job perfectly and that is the reason why robots are slowly but surely taking over the world of machining metal.

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