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Precision Modular Boring Systems for CNC Machining

Criterion has supplied a variety of industries for over 75 years with boring tool products that have increased productivity and improved boring precision. With the introduction of Criterion’s revolutionary CBER Boring System, manufacturers eliminate the need for special holders for precision boring heads. And—the revolutionary new CBER boring machine tool system operates at speeds as fast as 10,000 RPM– without requiring any special balancing.

CBER Boring System:

How do we do it?

A standard boring head operating at 1,000 RPM, with a .004" per revolution feed rate, will produce a 1" deep hole in 15.0 seconds. The CBER boring system, operating at 10,000 RPM with the same .004" feed rate, will produce the hole in 1.5 seconds. If your shop rate is $125/hr, the CBER boring system will pay for itself in as little as 800 holes.

Because the CBER boring machine tool system fits into standard ER collet holders, precision boring can now be done where it was previously impossible.

The CBER system can be used in live tooling stations or right angle heads, eliminating the need for secondary operations. As a result, costly set-up time is eliminated. The CBER precision boring system installed in a right angle head allows you to produce horizontal precision bores with a vertical machining center. Converting a standard ER collet holder into a precision boring system is as simple as inserting the CBER boring head into your existing ER holder and changing the collet nut. As our customers keep telling us, "Payback time on the CBER boring system is almost as fast as its operating capabilities."

Criterion’s Modular Boring Systems:

With the largest boring range in the market, Criterion has complete modular boring systems for rough, general, and finish boring applications. With Criterion your choice of boring heads covers the largest boring range in the market: fewer heads means—reduced production tool costs. Criterion boring heads also use industry standard inserts, allowing you to take advantage of all the new innovative technology as it is introduced in the market place. Criterion’s Modular Boring Systems cover a range from 1.050" to 7.380" in diameter, with six boring heads.

Boring Tool Products:

Please review the rest of our site for information on Criterion’s complete line of Boring Bars and Boring Tools, Adjustable Boring Bars, Carbide Inserts, and Boring & Facing Heads, as well as to learn about how we support special applications. Click here to download a complete catalog.

Criterion’s Exclusive Precision Boring Systems have revolutionized the boring machine tools industry for over 75 years. Please Contact us today to give your boring operations a huge jump in productivity.

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